Do I eat too much sushi?

Posted on June 21 2014 in Tableau

In Denmark where I live sushi is very expensive. It really is a shame since it is my favorite food! Well, to be honest with you this is mostly to show that you to a large extent also can use Tableau to review your private economy.

My bank allows me to export all transactions to an Excel file and I connected to this file in Tableau. I wanted to find all the lines that contain “sushi” in the Text field, so I right-clicked and selected Filter. I used the Wildcard Tab in the Filter dialog box to search for those lines:

filter sushi
Then I created a new sheet because I wanted to see the amount spent on sushi per month. I wanted to see the average too, so I right-clicked on the axis and selected Add Reference Line, Band or Box to open the dialog box:

ref line
In less than 5 minutes I had built my dashboard:

sushi dashboard
And if I change the filter using the local supermarket (Superbest), I have an instant overview of my spending here too:

local store

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